Follow the map of the Glass Trail

Several routes of the Glass Trail are prepared for the IGS 2021 visitors on Saturday October 2nd. Using the map, visitors can head for an unusual show to Lindava, Kunratice u Cvikova, Polevsko, Skalice u České Lípy or Kamenický Šenov. There will be special IGS shuttle buses taking visitors to those locations, following four routes starting from one common bus stop in Smetanova St. Early-birds might take the first ones going at 8 am. All glassworks and workshops that are going to present work of well-known artists will be open until 3 pm. Glass schools in Nový Bor and Kamenický Šenov will also open their doors to visitors t o show e veryone that there is still future for Czech glass in them. Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit museum, glass studios and galleries focusing on glass. There will be a walking path following those nearby the Square Míru. A full day program is prepared at the square to enrich the experience from the Glass Trail with a bit of culture. Last shuttle buses will run from 3 – 4 pm. As buses do not have regular timetables, it is necessary to wait at the designated station for their arrival. Tired glass journeyers can refresh themselves at the Square Míru with a rich program going on till midnight.

Download the map in PDF format and print it out.