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The Glass Studio of Jiří Pačinek found its place in a countryside timbered house in village Lindava by Cvikov. Jiří renovated it sensitively few years ago and set up his own gallery of original art glass there. It takes just a few steps from the residential part of the house to the lovely cosy space of a small glassworks where he creates his own glass objects, or works for significant glass artists, designers and architects. Let’s name at least the most significant who visit and use this glassworks basically regularly

  • René Roubíček
  • Bořek Šípek
  • Maria Roosen
  • Adriaan Rees
  • Hans van Bentem

and many others.

These days, Jiří Pačinek focuses on expanding his own art activities not only throughout the Czech Republic but mainly abroad, particularly to India where he first introduced his company through his own exhibition last year. It was a successful opening and he now follows it with series of other exhibitions, even his own permanent exposition.

Prominent artists and designers come to the studio in Lindava to transform with Jiří Pačinek their own ideas into glass.

Visitors can tour the studio and buy art glass in a gallery in Lindava.

The newest act of expansion of Pačinek Glass is opening new glassworks in Kunratice by Cvikov, where Jiří built new glassworks in place of an old perished smith’s shop. Here you can also watch creation of glass art in action and visit a gallery with works of Jiří Pačinek.

Huť Lindava (Glassworks Lindava)
Lindava 82
471 58

phone: +420 487 752 502
mobil: +420 774 636 376

Huť Kunratice u Cvikova (Glassworks Kunratice u Cvikova)
Kunratice u Cvikova 147
471 55