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The Glass Centre on the main road going through Nový Bor, known formerly also as Ajeto Nový Bor, was founded by Peter Novotný, founder and former co-owner of Lindava Ajeto Glassworks. It all started with an Ajeto Gallery building. In its cellars Petr Novotný put two small furnaces for making historical glass replicas. When the production capacity was no longer enough, there was an opportunity to purchase an adjoining building of an abandoned kindergarten which he gradually rebuilt according to designs of architect Bořek Šíper into a glassworks with restaurant and museum. Another floor and a unique roof designed by architect Leoš Bogar was added in 2015. At the same time the front of the building was decorated with a sculpture by Ivo Rozsypal, Nový Bor artist.

The heart of the centre is Novotny Glass Studio with a four pot furnace that specializes in custom production. Under the studio, there is a cutting workshop and a workshop where they make glass equipment and tools with brand Novotny. What is unique about this studio is that it is connected with a restaurant where guests may watch glassmakers at work through a glass wall.

You can also watch the glassmakers from the gallery of Novotny Glass Museum. The permanent exhibition presents private collection of Petr Novotný. You can see here works by great Czech glass artists as are, or were, René and Miluše Roubíčkovi, Bořek Šípek, Jiří Šuhájek, Leoš Smejkal, or Martin Janecký who represents the younger generation. Among the foreign artists you can find e.g. Dale Chihuly, James Mongrain or Michael Behrens. Besides famous names, the museum also shows famous trophies and awards – let’s mention at least the cycling race Tour de France, Prague Marathon or Thalia presented by The Czech Artist’s Association to Czech theatre, opera and ballet artists.

In the occasion of IGS 2015, the museum opened its new floor which includes a cross-sectional exhibition of symposiums held in Nový Bor from 1982 – IGS History. It was kindly lent by Foundation of Josef Viewegh Glassworks František.

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