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The town of Nový Bor boasts of its attribute “Town of Glass” practically from the time of its foundation more than 260 years ago. As such, it is also known abroad. There are about 120 glass companies in the town and its surroundings. The most important of them are of course participating in the organization of IGS. For local region, glass is a phenomenon which has made it famous and still represents it worldwide. Each IGS turns Nový Bor into a glass capital of the world. Glass artists from around the world, merchants, gallerists and art theorists come to the town and then share their experiences and impressions of Nový Bor abroad. IGS has no match worldwide. Its size and content makes it the most significant event of its kind; also there is no such concentration of technologies and glass companies anywhere in the world.

The town, whose history dates back to 1757, is a home to almost 12,000 inhabitants. It lies amidst the green under the mountain Klíč (Key) and is often thought to form an imaginary gateway to Lužické (Lusatian) Mountains. All historical epochs, from Renaissance to Baroque and later Art Nouveau, architectonically meet at the Square Míru, where we can find the town hall, but also the glass museum with its unique glass collection. That is a place where visitors might seek the glass history; present is then represented by glass workshops, studios and galleries which invite you to admire the fragile beauty. In 2018 the square, which forms the natural center of the town, got a completely new look with central piece referring to glass history. As a reminder of IGS 2012, a glass sculpture in the town opens its arms to welcome the visitors. The Forest Cemetery stands among European rarities. That too is a reminder of old glass families, but important war events as well.

Město Nový Bor
Nám. Míru 1
473 01 Nový Bor

Mgr. Jaromír Dvořák
Starosta města a ředitel IGS 2018
phone: +420 487 712 314
mob: +420 728 108 085

RNDr. Alena Forgáčová
Sekretariát IGS 2018
phone: +420 487 712 338
mob: +420 605 905 530

Mgr. Eliška Vavříčková
Check point a Art servis IGS 2018
phone: +420 487 726 196
mob: +420 739 330 628