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LASVIT AJETO is a flagship glassworks of LASVIT, company which inspires the world with its breathtaking glass installations and unique collections of lights and glass. The glassworks lies about ten kilometers east of Nový Bor, in Lindava which is thought to be one of the most important glass centers of international glass production.

The idea to start the glassworks came from a meeting of Bořek Šípek, legendary Czech artist, and glassmaker Petr Novotný; however, the production was run first in renting. In a newly rebuilt former textile factory in Lindava it did not start until 1994 when it was opened during the International Glass Symposium (IGS).

From the start, the glassworks has been a place where glassmakers, designers, architects, artists, actors, filmmakers and artists of all kinds from around the world have met. Throughout the time it has participated on a number of Czech and international projects.

After its foundation, company LASVIT acquired a minority share in Lindava glassworks and in 2017 it became its sole owner. This Czech design company produces mainly some of its unique collection lights and glassware here.

Leon Jakimič, founder of the company, leads it with respect to glass traditions, but also with enthusiasm for modern technologies and bold designs. This unconventional approach has attracted many world-renown designers and artists. Unforgettable collections were made in LASVIT AJETO e.g. by Nendo, Kengo Kuma or Campana Brothers.

Since it foundation in 2007 LASVIT has stuck with its vision: to bring beauty, inspiration and a piece of Czech Republic to customers all around the world.

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