Hall of Fame


A. Active participants

This section is only for invited artists that will provide information in a following layout:

A) CV of the IGS participant in English (Czech if native) in a layout:

  • 1. First name
  • 2. Surname
  • 3. Date of birth (year, month, day)
  • 4. Country and place of origin
  • 5. Country and place of work on the present
  • 6. Long-term studies (from-to, name of the institution, city/country, head of the studio perhaps)
  • 7. Most important work, working experience (from-to, name of the institution, city/country, position)
  • 8. Individual exhibitions (year, institution, name of the exhibition, city/country)
  • 9. Collective exhibitions – selection (year, institution, name of the exhibition, city/country)
  • 8. Awards
  • 9. Representation in public collections (institution, city/country)
  • 10. Symposiums (year, name, city/country)
  • 11. Website link (or different contact information)

B) Current photo portrait

C) Three photographs of works from past five years with basic information (name of the work, year of origin, dimensions, technique, author of the photograph)

The participant agrees that this information will be edited and used on IGS website and social networks (FB etc.), and if need be in promo IGS 2018 material.

B. Media

Media representatives can register in this section to see events from the official IGS program including other events organized by individual glassworks and Glass School free of charge, but only after accreditation.

There is special program for media representatives on Friday 5th October. After the press conference there will be organized mass transportation round glassworks and workshops of organizing subjects. The media can therefore visit all IGS workplaces on Friday 5th October and Saturday 6th October, and on Sunday 7th October they can go to the 13th IGS exhibition opening ceremony presenting the outcomes of the symposium at Glass Museum Nový Bor.

You can register on an email address of the symposium secretariat:

C. Public

It is possible to visit all events designed for public during the symposium without registration. For public there are mainly events in the town in the open air, especially Friday afternoon and all Saturday. The public may visit the glassworks of the IGS organizers on the Open House Day on Saturday 6th October. Then there is Glass Tour round other glass workshops and studios on the same day, cultural program, exhibitions and a stroll along the educational path.