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EGERMANN,s.r.o., is a company with a long tradition of hand decorated glass. The history of the company and its present is inherent linked with one of the most important personalities of the glass production , Friedrich Egermann (1777-1864). Thanks of his talent and diligence he achieved revolutionary discoveries. He invented the process of production of red staining, mastered the technology of yellow staining. These discoveries, he managed to lift the Czech glass industry at the world level.

Under the trade mark "EGERMANN" the tradition of this production has been preserved until now.

Glassworks FLORA-HANTICH, is 102 years significant base for the production of the traditional assortment, in particular the semi-finished products for the high enamel, engraved stainings (red, yellow, green, black), and cased glass, currently also art glass, panelled glass, pen-painting glass, cut glass, zoo-shapes and free blown glass. The first work of glassmakers held 3. 2.1913.

EGERMANN, s.r.o. company today operates on unique under flame furnace with 12 melting pots Siemens-Siebert which is working on natural gas. Here works 10 glass workshops. In addition, the operation of the one furnace with 2 melting pots and one furnace with 1 melting pot. In the reserve, the company has 6 melting pots furnace also.

EGERMANN, s.r.o., currently has nearly 300 employees.

Egermann, s.r.o.
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