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IGS 2018: Lasvit Ajeto, Lindava

Datum narození/Birthdate: *12. 10. 1951

Země původu/Country of origin: Nizozemí / The Netherlands
Země současného pobytu/Country of present residence: Nizozemí / The Netherlands

Durk Valkema - Glass City
Foto: Ron Zijlstra

Durk Valkema - Object

Durk Valkema - Object


1975-1976 Postgraduate study: Glass in Architecture. Coldwork and casting techniques with Professor Stanislav Libenský, Academy of Architecture, Art and Design Prague, Czechoslovakia as the first foreign student of Libenský
1975 Master Degree Show
1970-1975 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pracovní zkušenosti/Working experience

2012 Elected fellow of the Corning Museum of Glass, USA
2005 Establishment of the Vrij Glas Foundation facilities in Zaandam, Netherlands
2002- Founding board member Vrij Glas Foundation Zaandam, Netherlands
2000-2002 Initiator, Chair 32nd conference of GAS, The Glass Art society in Amsterdam, Netherlands
2002 Co-chair International Council Pilchuck Glass School , USA
1999-2003 Board Member Glass Art Society USA
1997 Member International Council Glass Museum Ebeltoft, Denmark
1997- Initiator, concept and realisation summer workshop ’Houten Hut’ Leerdam, Netherlands
1996- Guest designer Royal Leerdam Crystal Netherlands
1995- Advisor Crystal production Royal Leerdam Crystal, Netherlands
1995- Member International Council Pilchuck Glass School, USA
1994-1996 Ad Interim Factory Manager CrystalProduction Royal Leerdam, Netherlands
1986 Amsterdam Chamber Symposium, Netherlands

Lektorská činnost/Lectures and guest-teaching

2013 Hands On Tomorrow, Teacher Instructor at the Pilchuck Glass School, USA
2012 Annual Seminar on Glass; Freeing the Furnace from the Factory: 32 Bricks and Beyond, The Corning Museum of Glass, USA
2006 Symposium kunst/design/industrie, Glasmuseum Frauenau, Germany
2003 G.A.S. conference Seattle, USA
2000 Konstfack Stockholm, Sweden
1987 Artist in Residence lecture, Pilchuck Glass School, USA
1984 BAG, British Artists in Glass, annual conference Sunderland Polytechnic, England
2007 Symposium International opportunities in the art Boston USA

Výběr výstav/Selected exhibitions

2018 Galery Splinter & de Vosch, Langweer, Netherlands
2017 “Glasrijk Tubbergen”, Tubbergen, Netherlands
2016 DOCK ART Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2015 Galery Blas&Knada, Stockholm, Sweden
2014 Vrij Glas retrospective, Aalsmeer, Netherlands
Kiln formed Glass, Joure, Netherlands
Glas…Natuurlijk, Kasteel Cranenborg, Vaasen, Netherlands
2013 Kiln formed Glass, Joure, Netherlands
2012 Kiln formed Glass, Joure, Netherlands
2011 Glass Mad 25 years with contemporary glass staged by Bjørn Nørgaar, Glasmuseum Ebeltoft, Danmark
2010 Meister der Moderne, München, Germany
2009 GLAS, design house, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Started exibiting in 1970’s


2018 Lifetime Membership Award of the Glass Art Society, Murano conference
1977 Coburger Glaspreis 1977. "Urkunde fur Hervorragende Leistungen"

Veřejné sbírky - výběr/Selected public collection

  • Nationaal Glasmuseum, Leerdam, Netherlands
  • Kunstsammlung Veste Coburg, Coburg, Germany
  • Glasmuseum Frauenau, Frauenau, Germany
  • Musee du Verre, Charleroi, Belgium
  • Musee des Arts Decoratifs (MUDAC), Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Gemeente Museum, Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Gemeente Museum, Roermond, Netherlands
  • Musee des Arts Decorative, Paris, France
  • Crystalex, Nový Bor, Czech Republic
  • Glasmuseum Ebeltoft, Denmark

Realizace v architektuře/Work in public buildings

1990 Concert hall, Kristianstad, Sweden
1992 Huddinge Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Anna Carlgren  | web

IGS 2018: Lasvit Ajeto

Země původu/Country of origin: Švédsko/Sweden
Země současného pobytu/Country of present residence: Švédsko, Nizozemí/Sweden, Netherlands

Anna Green - Polyhedron Praseodymium and Polyhedron Erbium

Anna Green - Portrait of my Doughter

Anna Green - Polyhedron Gold Ruby Prism


2002 Vakschool Edelsmeden en Fijne Techniek, Netherlands Goldsmith, Registered accredited makers hallmark
1983 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Fine arts and glass, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1979-1993 Lessons by Sybren Valkema in various art and design subjects, glass technology, history of glass
1979-1980 Lessons by Ann Wärff (today Ann Wolff) in various graphic techniques
1976-1978 Lessons by Han Bong Duk in Chinese calligraphy and painting

Pracovní zkušenosti/Working experience

2011-2017 RKD-Netherlands Institute for Art History: external glass expert
2011- A project in cooperation with The Corning Museum of Glass New York, the RKD-Netherlands Institute for Art History, and the VRIJ GLAS Foundation
2009- The Sybren Valkema Archive, curator, Netherland
2008 - 2009 Invited member "Expertcommissie Beroepscompetentieprofiel opleiding Glasblazer" SVGB-Kennis- en Opleidingencentrum , Netherland
2008 Curator of ‘GLAS’, to date the most comprehensive exhibition of modern and contemporary glass shown in Europe [with Lidewij Edelkoort]
2003 Consultant for IASPIS International Artists’ Studio Program in Sweden / Craft in Dialogue and wrote the report "Rapport om Konsthantverk och Fri Formgivning i Holland"
1994-1999 Made corporate gifts on the theme "Senses" for Sony Ericsson's top 100 clients, and predicted in 1994 that we in a few years time will have personal mobile Internet in our pockets
1993 Designer and advisor arts & crafts industry, Royal Leerdam Crystal (today Royal Delft), NL
1986 Initiator, curator and project manager of The Amsterdam Chamber Symposium where artists from behind the iron curtain were invited to make new work in the studios of Sybren Valkema, Durk Valkema and Anna Carlgren that after completion was exhibited in Galerie Rob van den Doel in The Hague, Netherlands
1979 Made 'Kitschinas' for Richard Posner and worked as mediator, Pukeberg glass factory, Sweden

Pedagogická činnost/Teaching

2017, 2018 Utrecht University, dept. History of Art, Science and Technology, Guest lecturer "Van Papier tot Plastic. Materialen en Technieken" , Netherlands
2016, 2018 "Hot Glass" University of Amsterdam, dept. Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Contemporary Art, Glass, Ceramics, Stone, Paintings, Textiles Guest teacher, NL
2016 "Glassblowing for beginners: seeds, flowers, and mushrooms for Koen Vanmechelen's art installation" DortYart Dordrecht, Netherlands
2013 "Glassmaking for goldsmiths" The Foundation VRIJ GLAS, Netherlands
2008 "Glass Alphabet" taught Anthon Beeke to single-handedly draw letters with hot glass
2005-2016 "Experimental glassblowing, an introduction to hot glass in 10 steps" Private classes
1997 "80 jaar geleden op de glasfabriek" Lessons for all the 11-16 year old school children in the town Leerdam [with old masters from Glasfabriek Leerdam], Netherland
1991-2003 "Knikker Les" glassmaking for children
1985 "Furnace technology" [with Durk Valkema] 4th National AusGlass Conference Sydney "Cold working techniques" BAG British Artists in Glass Sunderland Polytechnic , GB
1983- "Spreekuur" Free glass consultations for art students

Výběr výstav/Selected exhibitions

2018-2019 'Loving Cup' Smålands Museum Kulturparken, Växjö, Sweden
2017-2018 ‘Salon’ Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017 ‘Glasrijk Tubbergen’, Tubbergen, Netherlands
‘Platt' photo presentation, blås&knåda Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
De Kring, Amsterdam, Netherland
2016 Muzeum L -Light and Landscape, Belgium
DOCK Art Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
'Swedish Contemporary Glass Art' Millesgården Lidingö, Sweden
'Geur en Kleur, een Tuintje in de Winter' Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam, Netherlands
2015 'RUM ROOM RAUM' Galleri blås&knåda, Stockholm, Sweden
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Netherlands
blås&knåda Stockholm, Sweden
'Quo Vadis' The Glass Factory Boda, Sweden
2014 'Light Fire Life - Swedish Glass in China' Suzhou Museum, Jiangsu, China
2013 'Optisk pop-up' Jordanstorp Gullaskruv, Sweden
2012 'DJURISK APTIT! blås&knåda bjuder på middag hos Larssons!' Carl Larsson garden
2011 'Conversation Pieces' Röhsska Design Museum Göteborg, Sweden
2010 'Collect' Saatchi Gallery London, GB
2009 'GLAS' Designhuis Eindhoven, Netherlands
2008- 'Glasakademins samling' a permanent exhibition Smålands Museum, Växjö, Sweden
2007 One-man show blås&knåda Stockholm, Sweden
2006 'Optical Phenomena as Architectonic Elements' STROOM Den Haag, Netherlands
2005 'La Puissance de Verre' Musée de L'Outil de la Pensée Ouvrière Troyes Champagne, France
2004 'Glass and Poetry' Glasmuseum Ebeltoft, Denmark
2003-2004 'Phénomènes Optiques en Architecture' Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, France
2000-2002 'Det Transparenta Huset' Statens Konstråd, Röhsska Museet a.o., Sweden


1995 Kronobergs Läns Landstings Kulturstipendium
1993 Växjö Stads Kulturpris

Veřejné sbírky - výběr/Selected public collection

  • Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • The Corning Museum of Glass New York, USA
  • Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Musée de Design et D'Arts Appliques Contemporains Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam, Netherland
  • Glassmuseum Ebeltoft, Denmark
  • Lemberk Castle Novy Bor – today Huť František, Sázava, Czech Republic
  • Royal Ulster Museum Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Metropolitan Art Museum of Amsterdam (today defunct), Netherlands
  • Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam, Netherlands
  • Kronobergs läns museum Växjö (a. k. a. Smålands Museum and Sveriges Glasmuseum), Sweden
  • Musée du Verre Sars-Poteries, France

Sympozia - výběr/Symposiums - selection

1985 IGS 1985 – 2nd International Glas Symposium Nový Bor, Czechoslovakia
1982 "International Colloquium Verre et Architecture" Musée du Verre Sars-Poteries, France